I’m on Patreon!

I’ve decided to take the dive and start a Patreon. I have no expectations for how this will go, but I’m equal parts excited and terrified. My social anxiety is definitely manifesting into a little brain-goblin that is currently screaming a lot of “impostor syndrome” type-stuff at me, but this is happening anyway! #GoblinSlayer

I’ve decided to try Patreon because I’m determined to make the leap from moonlighting as a writer to making a real go at this. My ultimate goal is to write full-time. I’m hoping having a platform like Patreon will help me achieve my goals!

This is going to mean a few things. Up to now, I’ve been writing and publishing at my own whims/luck with publishers. Now, I will be publishing content regularly online, available through Amazon’s Kindle store. I haven’t decided exactly what this content will be, or how frequently I’ll be publishing it, but it will probably be a shorter format (3k – 7k words). I’ll be doing this partially to create a larger online library of content, but also so I can give patrons more generous rewards (i.e. FREE SHORT STORIES! WHOO!).

If you like spooky stories and general weirdness, consider throwing a dollar or two my way! Check out my Patreon if you’ve got a sec, and definitely keep an eye out for more content available online. It’ll be available to everyone!

Published by E.E.W. Christman

Professional hack. Weird queer gaming nerd. Writer.

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