New Essay in The Bronzeville Bee

I’m very excited to see my work featured on The Bronzeville Bee, a publication of both fiction and nonfiction focusing on diverse voices. The Gaslighting of Scream Queens dissects one aspect of the misogyny often found in the horror genre: the dismissal of women’s pain and fear to further the narrative. What a cheery subject, and just in time for Halloween!

The image I chose for the “featured work” section is from Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca, based on the Daphne du Maurier novel by the same name. The plot can be boiled down to “everyone gaslighting the protagonist.” While it’s not a focus of my essay, it nevertheless came to mind while writing this–and it happens to be one of my favorite Hitchcock films. :3

If you’d like to check out the essay, you can read it here.

Happy Halloween!

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Professional hack. Weird queer gaming nerd. Writer.

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