National Novel Writing Month is in full swing. I’m taking another crack at it this year. My previous record was 30k words, but this time I’m hoping to finish a full rough draft before the month is done!

A little bit about the Work In Progress: it’s a futuristic dystopia in a fantasy world. A strict religious sect is gaining power across the globe. They preach about the impurity of magic and seek to wipe it out. A silent hunter enacts the church’s will through violent means. Meanwhile, an orc and a goblin from an anarchist commune crash a bougie festival on the moon after the corporate sponsor displaces people who had been living there. Then there’s a necromancer looking for someone she’s lost by interrogating the dead. When their paths finally cross, chaos ensues.

I’m WAY behind so far because I was finishing up a short story, but I’m still hopeful of finishing (or getting as close to finishing as possible in a month)!

Published by E.E.W. Christman

Professional hack. Weird queer gaming nerd. Writer.

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