Short Stories & Essays

Letters for the Living (Limeoncello Magazine, 2021)

When Molly ventures into the swamp surrounding Whistler’s Hollow, she finds more than ghost stories waiting there.

Shadow of the Keeper (The NoSleep Podcast, 2021)

Arnold finds a box of tapes recorded by the previous lighthouse keeper, Jebediah Winters, and listens as his predecessor describes a strange storm.

Valenterror! (Interstellar Flight Press, 2021)

A celebration of the thirstiest monster movies.

The Strange Role of Food in Horror Movies (FanFare, 2020)

A conversation about Poltergeist spirals wildly out of control.

The Weird History of Troll 2 (Exploits, 2020)

In issue 25 of this pop culture zine, I discuss the bizarre production history of the best worst movie.

The Hike (It Calls From The Forest, 2020)

Girlfriends Steph and Becca attempt to fix their deteriorating relationship with a secluded cabin getaway. But the woods aren’t as empty as they seem. 

The Psychology of Cult Classics (The Bronzeville Bee, 2020)

An exploration of the cultural phenomenon of the midnight movie and why we love them.

6 Alternative Uses for Your Menstrual Blood (Lady Pieces, 2020)

A how-to guide on how to utilize the uterus’ wonder-discharge.

PULP IT LIKE IT’S HOT: The Flying NuvaRing (PULP Magazine, 2020)

A very brief, very embarrassing true story.

A Fat Girl’s Guide to Navigating the World of Kink (Fearless She Wrote, 2019)

Personal thoughts on being fat, femme, and kinky.

The Gaslighting of Scream Queens (The Bronzeville Bee, 2019)

Essay concerning women in horror.

The Bisexual Boyfriend Who Taught Me Relationships Don’t Have to Suck (Fearless She Wrote, 2019)

Short essay on relationships, queer identities, and toxic masculinity.

How My Mother Thought My Eating Disorder Would Fix Me (The Startup, 2019)

Essay detailing aspects of my experience with eating disorders and family.

Call Me Billy: Creepshow’s Unsung Feminist Hero (Unwinnable Magazine, 2019)

A brief analysis of “The Crate” from Stephen King and George A. Romero’s Creepshow.

The Dark Presser (American Gothic Short Stories, 2019)

There’s something wrong with Margo’s house.

The Mourning Woman (Supernatural Horror Short Stories, 2018)

George wakes up in the night to a strange visitor.

A Few Thoughts on Being Fat (RASCAL Magazine, 2013)

Personal introspection on eating disorders.

We’re Not Killing Mockingbirds Anymore (RASCAL Magazine, 2012)

Thoughts on creativity and ownership.

Me and His Old Lady (Winner of New Delta Review’s Creative Nonfiction Competition, 2012)

A ski trip.

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